Tuesday :: Jan 16, 2007

Gallup: 61% Support Nonbinding Resolution

by Steve

For those of you looking at public opinion on what Democrats should do in response to Bush’s surge, Gallup’s latest poll out today for the USA Today indicates that the public is far more supportive of a Democratic nonbinding resolution of disapproval than they are of any attempt to cut off funds for the increased troops.

Do you favor or oppose (passing a nonbinding resolution)?

Favor: 61%
Oppose: 37%

Would you favor or oppose the Democrats in Congress taking active steps to block the deployment of more U.S. troops to Iraq, such as denying the funding needed to send the additional troops?

Favor: 47%
Oppose: 50%

This result should be analyzed with some caution however, as Gallup for some reason over sampled independents in this poll; the sample had far more independents in it (40%) than Democrats (32%).

The key points from this poll were summarized by the USA Today in their piece: Bush's overall approval rating fell three points after the speech, and a majority of the country (51%) has more confidence in Congressional Democrats to handle Iraq than Bush (36%). Bush and Cheney are fond of saying that the Democrats have no plan for Iraq. Notwithstanding my personal views on the surge, I continue to believe that Democrats should put forward the ISG report as their alternative to Bush's surge, because it offers a comprehensive approach to deal with Iraq, an approach that is widely supported by the country.

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