Tuesday :: Jan 16, 2007

Iran Update

by Steve

The Arab Times in Kuwait says a source of theirs confirms that the White House will hit Iran between now and the end of April, confirming what Sam Gardiner told us over the weekend. Note that for some reason, the attack planning involved not only suspected nuclear targets, but also attacks against Iran’s oil industry, which would not only cripple the country’s economy but also send worldwide oil prices into the stratosphere and make it certain that Iran would retaliate in kind. (Hat tip to Michael Carmichael at PlanetaryMovement.org)

To this end, the Russians have sold and will sell more anti-aircraft missile systems to Iran in the coming months. Do not be surprised if our forces will be going up against Russian and Chinese equipment and advisors. A senior Russian naval official concludes that the Bush Administration is positioning submarines for an attack. (Hat tip to Raw Story)

Hell, for that matter, thanks to Rummy our forces will be going up against our own equipment!

A major investment bank also concludes that a February or March attack is possible. (Raw Story)

John Murtha told Congressional Quarterly that the senior Democrats are considering legislation that would require Bush to obtain congressional sanction for any moves against Iran. How to do this? Well, for starters, the Democrats could attach such a clause to the supplemental appropriations bill for Iraq and Afghanistan. And of course, they could simply rescind the 2001 AUMF. (ThinkProgress)

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