Tuesday :: Jan 16, 2007

Hagel Comes Aboard The Democratic Resolution Opposing The Surge

by Steve

The congressional resolution opposing Bush’s surge in Iraq will be a bipartisan one. The New York Times is reporting in Wednesday’s edition that GOP senator Chuck Hagel will join Democratic committee chairs Joe Biden and Carl Levin in introducing and pushing a resolution opposing the surge. How big is this?

Members of both parties in the Senate have said as many as a dozen Republicans may ultimately support a resolution against the president’s policy. Mr. Hagel’s participation could ease the concerns of other Republicans about breaking from the president.

And yet, I wonder what is behind this?

White House officials have dismissed Mr. Hagel as an established critic of the war who is now seeking to stake out antiwar ground in the nascent Republican primary fight for president.

Still, the officials said in interviews that while they believed any substantial Republican support for the resolution would be a symbolic blow, they were far more concerned about threats from Congressional Democrats to take aim at spending on the president’s new plan. Officials say that they will rely upon Mr. McConnell to help head off any such move.

Are the Democrats being goaded into trying to limit funding, or is the White House really worried about such a move, despite Bush’s bluster? Again, as I said this morning, the Democrats can attach language to the supplemental appropriation that 1) rescinds the 2001 AUMF and 2) prohibits funding for the surge.

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