Thursday :: Jan 18, 2007

Open Thread - Hillary Punts On Iraq

by Steve

Upon her return from Baghdad, Hillary announced her new Iraq thinking Wednesday: she’s against any move to withhold funds for the surge, and she is against setting a withdrawal deadline. Instead, she wants to set a cap on the number of troops that Bush can deploy. This, at a time when the latest Los Angeles Times poll shows that 65% of the country want troops to either be withdrawn immediately or within the next 12 months. Yet Hillary only wants to cap the number of troops Bush can use to prove his manhood.

In other words, as long as Bush keeps the troop levels underneath Hillary’s limits, he can keep doing pretty much whatever the hell he wants: the status quo. She’s not even ready to rescind the 2001 AUMF, but instead wants to give Bush another chance to tell Congress that he is meeting his own benchmarks in Iraq, after probably months of stonewalling. It's a position that only the DLC could love, and which cedes almost the entire party to John Edwards and Barack Obama, while making Hillary look like someone afraid of taking on the White House.

And it took her weeks to come up with this? She's closer to McCain and Lieberman than she is to Chuck Hagel.

OK, it's your turn.

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