Sunday :: Jan 21, 2007

Send More, Faster

by Steve

Why does it seem that McCain has been all over the airwaves these last 4-6 weeks? The chat fests are doing whatever they can to give the man free air time, aren’t they? Today, he was on “Meet the Press” once again and repeated the McCain-Lieberman position that rather than surge in stages dependent upon Iraqi performance, they would have preferred that we throw a far larger force immediately into the meat grinder, without requiring anything of the Iraqis. In other words, both of them think America blood should be used to take over and clean up Iraq, fully owning this mess, without any regard for what the Iraqis should and could do for themselves. If this isn’t an example of Pax Americana imperialism masquerading as “making the world safe for Israel”, I don’t know what is. And yet this is the “Wise Men” of the apocalypse bullsh*t that the media perpetuates in total disregard for American public opinion.

When you strip it all away, McCain and Lieberman think the Iraqis aren't a factor in our march to "Victory".

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