Monday :: Jan 22, 2007

McCain Takes Out The Knives

by Steve

It was only a matter of time. Faced with declining poll numbers due to his advocacy of the McCain Doctrine and his puckered lips attached to Bush's bottom these last two years, John McCain is blaming Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld for Iraq, and is now saying he may support a Murtha-esque redeployment if Bush's surge doesn't work.

This is a no-win situation for not only McCain, but also for the other three top GOP candidates in the 2008 race. What do Giuliani, Romney, and Gingrich say in response to this? If they try and separate themselves from McCain, it means supporting Rumsfeld and Cheney, which will be lethal in the general election. If they take a "me-too" approach to McCain's comments, the party has fractured a full year before the 2008 election season even begins.

Basically, McCain is saying that it is Cheney's fault for Iraq being a mess, and now it is Bush's fault for ignorning him and Lieberman and not sending enough troops into the meat grinder. In other words, it is everyone else's fault, and McCain has been a bystander for the last four years.

Flip-flop . . . .

Hat tip to ThinkProgress

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