Tuesday :: Jan 23, 2007

Putting The Cart Before The Horse

by Steve


We know that we’ll hear some rhetoric tonight about how we can’t leave Iraq prematurely because Al Qaeda will follow us here, even though Bush has never mounted a serious military effort against Al Qaeda in the an-Anbar province. We also know that at some point Bush will begin the Iran saber-rattling, as his Undersecretary of State did today in warning Iran to back off in the Persian Gulf and stop enriching uranium, even though:

1. Iran has a legitimate security interest in the Persian Gulf and its neighboring states;

2. We haven’t demonstrated why Iranian domination is worse than American domination;

3. There isn’t anything illegal yet about Iran enriching uranium;

4. We haven’t made a great case for our brand of democracy.

The Democrats at least are debating whether or not the alleged participation by Iranians in attacks against our forces in Iraq gives Bush a casus belli to strike at those Iranians under the concept of “hot pursuit”, even though the Brits haven't found the proof. And there are Republicans in the Senate who are also telling Bush that he needs congressional approval to expand his war to another theater. But also keep in mind that this president has yet to seal the borders, nearly four years after he started this war.

Before Bush gets too far down this track, shouldn't Democrats demand an answer on why he would rather send troops into Sadr City before first sealing the borders?

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