Thursday :: Jan 25, 2007

Running The "Imagine If He Had Won" Campaign

by Steve

Victor Juhasz illustration for Rolling Stone

For those of us who would support an Al Gore run in 2008, and for even the smaller number of us who supported him and met him as far back as 1988, this story is a must read. Check out the quotes from Frank Luntz, David Gergen, Dick Morris, Joe Trippi, and even James Carville, who is advising Hillary.

Here’s my question: how many of you would sit on your hands and refrain from supporting another candidate if you thought there was the slightest chance that Gore might suddenly enter the race in late 2007?

Don’t get me wrong, I am quite intrigued with the lineup we have so far, and at this point I think any of the top three Democrats will defeat any GOP candidate in November 2008. And I know Al has his defects, and made his share of mistakes during the 2000 race.

But what if he ran? After what the GOP and media did to him in 2000, can you imagine how cleansing it would be to fire up for payback in 2008 against any attempts at revisiting those attacks, this time with a fully engaged netroots community and a party that won't take it anymore?

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