Friday :: Jan 26, 2007

Bush Approved Killing Iranian Assets Inside Iraq

by Steve

While Bush told the world last summer that he was committed to resolving disputes with Iran diplomatically, he secretly authorized US forces in Iraq to capture and kill suspected Iranian operatives. Dick Cheney and Elliott Abrams, who both think that the killing of Iranians inside Iraq will force Tehran to back down from its nuclear ambitions and stop meddling in Iraq, cooked up the new policy. Of course, it could also incite Iran to go after Americans in a similar manner, and further split the Iraqis from us, as it comes at a time when Iran is filling the vacuum left by our ineptitude and graft in rebuilding and providing basic services to an oppressed and occupied country.

A senior intelligence officer was more wary of the ambitions of the strategy.
"This has little to do with Iraq. It's all about pushing Iran's buttons. It is purely political," the official said. The official expressed similar views about other new efforts aimed at Iran, suggesting that the United States is escalating toward an unnecessary conflict to shift attention away from Iraq and to blame Iran for the United States' increasing inability to stanch the violence there.

I'm sure the administration revealed this to Congress last summer.

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