Sunday :: Jan 28, 2007

Scattershot Sunday Open Thread

by paradox

--I’m not comfortable at all with a tone in my post below that seems to talk down to readers. I didn’t want it to come out that way but I’m exasperated and out of patience that others do not see what I’ve always seen. In that vein there is an interesting post at Firedoglake from Elizabeth de la Vega, explaining that public perception on the true gravity of government misdeeds is always slow, but eventually arrives.

I also could be flatly wrong, although I’m pretty sure I’m not. I’d love to be wrong about the country being gone, believe me, and I’ll own up to it if I turn out to be wrong. I’m sorry if I seemed to talk down to anyone.

--I’d like to know how the Libby trial got to be such a nightmare for Dick Cheney and the administration by ever taking place at all. I was positive this would never come to trial, no way Dick Cheney ever gets called to testify, but here we are. Somehow Scooter Libby had the leverage to keep this going, but for what reason I don’t know, for Fitzgerald has the goods on him anyway. I was sure he’d cut a private deal to plea, but something obviously went very wrong.

It was a terrible, terrible mistake to alienate Libby somehow and have this trial—once again, the political skills of this crew just aren’t very good. They can rip Democrats to shreds with the help of an enabling media but that’s it, they can’t even protect themselves well. I never did get the story of how this got out of control, and if anyone knows by all means leave it in the comments

--The senseless, pointless, futile “war” on drugs continues, this time with snapshots from the San Francisco Chronicle about how Tijuana cops are dead men walking from an intensely violent drug crackdown, and USA Today has a story about an Arizona grandmother who got busted with 214 pounds of marijuana in her car. Jesus save us, 214 pounds! Did she have bales in the trunk, or what? When Grandmothers are being busted for hundreds of pounds of pot for God’s sake just give it up, finally, and legalize it.

Scattershot is always an Open Thread, please say whatever’s on your mind.

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