Sunday :: Jan 28, 2007

Edwards Muffs One

by Steve

There's quite a bit of buzz inside the center-left blogosphere today about two John Edwards stories; one dealing with the big house he and his family are moving into, and another about his recent pandering (my choice of words) to the Jewish lobby. Of the two stories, the only one that troubles me is his pandering.

Some of my fellow bloggers are concerned that Edwards has moved his family into a huge house in a nice area, on the premise that this reveals his true elitist makeup and real lack of concern for the working classes. This is utter nonsense, and frankly smacks of class envy. There is nothing wrong with earning a great living as a consumer protection attorney beating the crap out of large corporations in the service of the little people, and then using your earnings to set your family up as well as possible. Earning wealth and striving to be rich isn't a disease, nor is living well once you achieve a level of accomplishment and reward. Many of us strive to make money and would like to be rich, and take care of our families as much as possible. What are important are your actions, your priorities, and your judgment. Do you work for the betterment of yourself and others, or do you work simply for yourself at the expense of others? Edwards clearly falls into the first camp, whereas most Bush Republicans clearly fall into the second camp.

The Edwards story that is more relevant to the 2008 decision is the pandering that Edwards has done recently to the Jewish lobby, wherein Edwards ridiculously said that a nuclear Iran is the biggest challenge in our generation, implying that this is the biggest threat to the United States, and must be stopped at all costs, including military action. This is utter bullsh*t and reveals a serious lack of proportion and judgment. A nuclear Iran is not as much a threat to us as a nuclear Al Qaeda is, nor is there much this country can and should do to stop Iran from going nuclear except strong economic sanctions and isolation, as part of an international action against the regime.

This administration has botched the opportunity to deal with Iran in a constructive way back in 2003 and 2004, when the regime was offering its assistance in the fight against Al Qaeda, when it was possible for a big agreement on numerous subjects. But that doesn't mean the default position now is military action by, or on behalf of Israel. This government has lost any credibility to make any disarmament demands against Iraq's neighbors, and can legitimately only resort to multilateral diplomatic and economic actions. For Edwards to swallow the NeoCon Kool-Aid on Iran to prove his bona fides to the Jewish lobby only shows he isn't ready for prime time.

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