Monday :: Jan 29, 2007

Open Thread - Correcting Rightwing Propaganda Edition

by Mary

Saturday hundreds of thousands of people showed up in Washington DC to protest Bush's war. And it seems a few people showed up to protest the protest. Then in the news accounts, things got strange. Because as Digby found, one of those anti-antiwar-protestors, Joshua Sparling, has become the official scapegoat for Bush's war and he has received most of the spite and anger of the mean anti-war hippies since the start of Bush's war.

Poor Joshua. It seems he is the scapegoat for those who hate Bush's war and he is condemned to live in a Twilight Zone world where he experiences all the outrages that were visited on vets during the Vietnam War. Whenever the wacko warhawks need to display a victim of the American people's disdain for the war, he is hauled out to take another one for the team. How awful that the only Christmas card he received when in the hospital after being wounded in the war was one from someone (assumed to be an evil antiwar leftist] who wished he'd die. Luckily for him, his friends (who evidently didn't send him any Christmas cards before this distressing incident) were properly outraged. Michele Malkin took up the cause and a multitude of friends came through with their outrage at what those dirty hippies did by disavowing Bush's war. Then there was the horrible treatment he got at the airport, just like the Vietnam vets received during that war. And even worse, just this week, a cruel anti-war protestor "spat" while he was speaking to them - again just like the Vietname vets were treated. But as Digby said, the charge that Vietnam vets were spat upon has been proven to be a flat out lie. Perhaps Joshua has been imagining all of the mistreatment? Because why would anyone stalk him in particular to reenact how Vietnam vets were treated especially when it wasn't true even then?

My suggestion to shed some light on this mysterious problem for Josuha? Edit his wikipedia page. Because after all, his wikipedia page should should reflect the facts.

Consider this an open forum for your thoughts.

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