Tuesday :: Jan 30, 2007

White House Suppressed Government Scientists On Global Warming

by Steve

The benefits of the 2006 election were on display today when both Barbara Boxer and Henry Waxman held hearings on global warming, and the Bush Administration's role in suppressing the government's own scientists and whitewashing the evidence in favor of a pro-business agenda.

I believe that there will be a bipartisan bill on capping emissions and a cap-and-trade system, led by McCain, Obama, and yes, Joe Lieberman, who to his credit has been working this issue with McCain for several years without the willingness of his masters in the White House to push through a mandatory remedy. Now, Bush will get a bill to veto regardless of what the neanderthals like Jim Inhofe and others try and do to derail it. And the Democrats will have one more club to bash the GOP with in 2008 as we take more seats away from them.

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