Thursday :: Feb 1, 2007

"Blame Iran" Campaign Stumbles

by Steve

The Bush Administration has been telling us that 1) the recent killing of five American soldiers in Karbala may have been done by Iranian agents; and 2) the administration would soon provide the world with proof that Iran was providing IEDs and training in how to kill our soldiers.

Strike One; Strike Two.

It may not have been the Iranians who conspired to kill our soldiers in Karbala, but rather Iraqi Army generals. You know, the same Iraqi generals for whom we are sending more troops (by the way, twice as many personnel at a higher cost than Bush is admitting to.)

And we find out that the Bush Administration has pulled back on taking its case to the world about Iranian complicity in Iraq because (stop me if you’ve heard this one before) upon close inspection the “evidence” is questionable.

Update: Commenter benjoya points us to the excellent Juan Cole piece today, wherein Cole logically states why those who coordinated the kidnappings and murder of our soldiers from Karbala were likely Sunnis on the inside of the government (the generals), and not Iran. So if Professor Cole can figure this out so cleanly, what explains the stupidity and illogical reasoning of Nicholas Burns, the whole State Department, and the Bush Administration except a ideological blindness to common sense and the facts on the ground?

Hat tip to mainsailset on the surge revelation

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