Tuesday :: Feb 6, 2007

Lieberman: Time For A Terrorism Tax

by Steve

I give Lieberman credit for this one: he thinks the public should pay a war on terrorism tax so that the increasing defense and homeland security budgets don't require cuts in domestic programs. Sure, he isn't specific about what he has in mind, and he conveniently wants to look the other way at the money Bush has drained out of the Social Security trust fund to pay for his foreign policy and upper income tax cuts. But at least Lieberman recognizes that the Bush approach of cutting domestic programs to pay for war and defense contractor gravy trains isn't acceptable either, and that all Americans need to see and feel the cost of Bush's military buildup and faulty war on terror.

And I suspect that when the public sees the potential price tag, they will question once again why we are shoveling that much money to Baghdad for what Robert Gates indicated today was an ongoing war, even beyond the surge. So let's have this debate.

Thanks Joe.

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