Thursday :: Feb 8, 2007

With All Hell Breaking Loose, White House Will Attack Iran

by Steve

Picture an administration this spring that sees its former vice presidential chief of staff convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice, at the back end of a trial that points a finger of guilt directly into the Oval Office.

Picture an administration that eventually sees a Senate pass a House-initiated resolution against the president’s surge policy as stories seep out that the Pentagon itself doesn’t think the surge will work.

Picture possibly an administration that is told by Congress that it cannot spend more than a certain amount for Iraq, instead of a worthless nonbinding resolution, when Congress and its constituents see that a phased withdrawal will save the federal treasury a half trillion dollars over the next decade.

Picture an administration that angers Congress for not appearing before its committees this spring to escape accountability.

Picture an administration that faces hostility from not only Democrats for its budget and environmental policies, but also vulnerable GOP incumbents next year.

Picture an administration that receives a bipartisan smack down from the Senate for installing GOP hacks as US attorneys around the country to shut off investigations detrimental to the GOP and White House.

And then picture an administration that decides it will “do” Iran anyway, even though it has no statutory or constitutional authority to expand the war into or against Iran. And this won’t be a pinprick attack; this will be a massive attack.

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