Friday :: Feb 9, 2007

Pelosi And Hoyer Ready Their Own Approach On The Surge

by Steve

Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer learned from watching the GOP run itself off the track in the Senate over the Iraq surge resolution. House Democrats have announced that they will introduce their own surge resolution on Monday, and will have three days of floor debate next week before having a series of votes on a final resolution. House Minority Leader John Boehner, fresh from telling "plane" lies about Pelosi, said that the GOP caucus would possibly offer two alternatives, one being the obligatory "we won't cut funding" red herring, and the other a very feasible requirement for a bipartisan committe to oversee the surge and set benchmarks for Pentagon performance.

I suspect that by the end of next week or the following week Pelosi and Hoyer will have something sent over to the Senate that a majority of Senators can live with, while Murtha does the right thing and attacks the policy through the defense authorization bill, which is what the White House truly fears. The Bush Administration knows that the Senate is full of empty suits that can be manipulated into clownish behavior at the snap of Cheney's fingers. That isn't the case in the House.

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