Tuesday :: Feb 13, 2007

Brains, Not Guns

by Steve


I noted this development yesterday, but it bears repeating because Joint Chiefs chairman Peter Pace rejects the administration claim that the Iranian government is supplying weapons against our forces inside Iraq. The AP reports that Pace confirms that the weapons are from Iran, yet even that assertion may be in doubt, since it is just as likely that Pakistan and international arms dealers are supplying both Shiite militias and Sunni insurgents with weapons, as stated by Juan Cole. And also note that the NYT runs a piece today that points out the administration is having difficulty getting people to believe its claims about Iran.

What Iran does admit to however, according to the current edition of Newsweek, is that it is not controlling the border between the two countries. The Bush Administration has now rebuffed several overtures by the Iranians for better relations and has through Condi’s stupidity made things worse with the “Axis of Evil” formulation. The ongoing military buildup by the administration gives the Iranians reason to suspect the worst with the White House. They indicate to Newsweek that as long as the Bush Administration may use Iraq as a base against Iran, there is really nothing in it for them to seal the border and reduce the headaches for the Americans.

Smarter people who were not hell-bent on war would take up the Iranian offer to seal the border as part of a bigger negotiation on a range of issues, while keeping the pressure on Iran with economic sanctions until they agree to let the IAEA back into the country to monitor their program. But then, that would assume we have those smarter people inside the government when we clearly do not.

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