Saturday :: Feb 17, 2007

Are the Democrats on a Complicity Clock?

by paradox

Even though I am extremely cranky about it, I can still be classified as a loyal Democratic partisan. Even though I often rail at their servile ways, their infuriating timidity, their outrageous obsequious to an entrenched system terminally ill on corporate cash, I still want to them to do well, help when I can and hope they reach their objective, whatever it is at the time.

What this means is that I’m blind as to how Democrats are accurately perceived by non-partisan outsiders, and it also means I have no ability to accurately judge how well they’re in fact doing, whether it’s a race or legislative session. With enforced objectivity discipline I can still be pretty accurate, but there are times when I envy the ability of a truly non-biased view of the Democrats, for I’m beginning to seriously wonder if the party can be judged as complicit in the Iraq war and the phenomenon of George Bush.

That’s right, complicit. As a partisan insider I can see and understand how a non-binding resolution happens, Reid and Pelosi don’t have the votes and an inevitable loss is stupid with so much political risk coupled with dividing the party and caucus.

To an objective outsider, though, the tactical response probably looks incredibly lame and ineffectual. Why wasn’t Feingold’s move to de-fund and stop the war made a total priority?

Bush, as a President, is clearly a felon run amok, lying to start a war with Iraq and yet in the last week, incredibly, babbles on in total insanity about threats from Iran. Objectively Bush is an extremely dangerous disaster who must be removed, yet the Democrats do nothing, not even trying a censure vote on anything. As a partisan I completely understand this, there aren’t the votes, but again, this must look vastly lame and ineffectual from the outside.

But could these observations ever leap to the conclusion that these tactics were so lame and ineffectual because the Democrats were complicit? That they truly thought the greatest foreign policy disaster of all time of horrifying morality and crushing cost of $8 billion a month was not worth doing everything they possibly could do to stop? That even though Bush was a total insane felon last week as he threatened war with Iran,--Jesus protect us how come the psychiatrists aren’t on TV discussing Bush’s sanity?--there still was no need to censure, impeach or even just a threat to impeach?

Of course Democrats could be judged complicit. Weeks ago speculation organically began to sprout the Democrats were doing so little to stop Bush because it’s a basely an opportunistic ploy: it makes them look good while the Republicans implode in gory satisfying political suicide. The great Glenn Greenwald said so, in fact.

That observation, if true, also instantly leads to the complicity charge: the Democrats really don’t care about stopping the war or the worst ever run amok, so they went along with it to gain from it.

Tick, tick, tick. I’m afraid I’m correct, as much as I would not like to be. Even though we understand it as Democrats, objective outsiders and history will see our representatives complicit in all this gory bloody madness, it was simply too hard for weak not-very-good politicians to do their duty and the right thing by stopping the war and impeaching Bush. Too much risk and benefit for them to do otherwise.

I think, but do not know, that ignoring Feingold and putting a vote on a worthless non-binding measure (we’re not legislators but we play them on TV) objectively cements a view that Democrats didn’t try nearly hard enough. There just has to be so much more that can be tried, in a much more public fighting way, to prove Democrats did everything they could to stop the war and Bush.

Complicity can’t be a final judgment yet, we’re just in February of the first year of the term. But with this horrible start the Complicity Clock has definitely been set up and is ticking, tick tick tick, on a disastrous objective judgment of my party: complicit in George Bush and all the horror. Birds of a feather, war making together, DC insiders all.

Tick, tick, tick. Soon the Democrats will run out if time, and if they don’t try a lot harder than this history and truth will see us as enablers, complicit for opportunity. After everything that’s happened that’s the last judgment I ever expected to be leveled at my party and my people, and we have to do better than this.

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