Sunday :: Feb 18, 2007

Favorite WWII Story

by paradox

I have a good story I promised Kossarians I’d write, I have duty at two url’s, I could spend a noble day in the yard, or I could get out the door for Mexican breakfast in downtown Santa Cruz, but I just have to whap out this story before I finally decide what to do with this gorgeous day.

It’s currently my favorite story of WWII, Battle of the Denmark Straight May 1941, sinking of the Bismark. Two British cruisers and a tiny aircraft carrier (Ark Royal) armed with biplanes get a desperate stab at the greatest battleship on earth at the time, Bismark. Weather is terrible and there’s just bi-planes with torpedoes, but an attack attempt has to be made.

So Ark Royal biplanes head out and attack one of their own cruisers, but fortunately their torpedoes are as fucked up as their target ID and don’t go off. Back to the Ark Royal the biplanes go.

This is the best part, what the pilots must have been told when they got back. All right, men! You just attacked of one our own ships, but never mind, the torpedoes don’t work anyway! Get on back out there with a different torpedo setting and try again!

So they did, they went back out, found the Bismark, her wall of AA and scored the perfect hit, a hit on Bismark’s rudder that only 60 drydock days could fix. In approximately 18 hours Bismark’s superstructure was aflame after 20 tons of high explosive ripped her apart, what few portholes that remained round looking like orange glowing holes to a roaring forge. A surviving officer finally decided Bismark had had enough and scuttled her.

Can’t our Democratic leadership take this to heart? Those British Ark Royal pilots had no reason to attack the Bismark, absolutely none, but they tried anyway. They’d just attacked one of their own ships, their torpedoes didn’t work, the weather was incredibly bad, they were flying bi-planes against one of the greatest assembled armaments of all time, it might be dark by the time they found Bismark, but they went out and did it anyway.

Because it was the only possible thing to do when there was even the slightest chance at success. Because the only dishonorable outcome would have been not to try. Because sometimes miracles happen when one insists on always doing the right thing.

George Bush and the Iraq war can be stopped. There will be no war with Iran, and Bush can be impeached before he goes berserk (yes, babbling threats about Iran is bona-fide berserk, never forget it) again. If you just go out there and do it.

It doesn’t matter how crazy it is. Doesn’t matter how impossible it is, doesn’t matter how totally doomed to failure it is, even with personal death likely. It’s done because it’s the right thing to do, and sometimes it works out.

Support Senator Feingold and stop the war in Iraq. The Republicans and Bush have nothing, absolutely nothing, they’re easy to beat and stop this insane bloody war. Remember the pilots of the Ark Royal and do your duty with furious singular focus. It really is that simple.

I’m spending the rest of the day in the yard, it’s cheap, then duty in other screens later.

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