Wednesday :: Feb 21, 2007

Washington Post, Meet a Real Cliff

by paradox

Juliet Eilperin and Michael Grunwald were doing a so-so job of writing up a good story, the correct and proper persecution of that odious traitor Ellen Tauscher from our party by netroots activists, but right at the second-to-last paragraph they squat a huge dump of contemptible reason and reality, a stinking turd of DC arrogant, deliberately false diction that earns an instant reply here.

“She could work so hard to appease the moderates that she alienates her base. In fact, the left blogosphere is already grumbling that Democrats aren't doing enough to stop the war. And there's always the left cliff. Those moderate first-termers could be one-termers if Pelosi overplays her hand.” [emphasis added]

Cliff? The Left Cliff? What cliff is that, pray tell? Oh, “moderate” Democrats could be nowhere Democrats if Pelosi “overplays her hand.” Amazingly, these supremely arrogant WaPo pointyheads just leave it there: there is a cliff, of what composition and scenario of engagement a total mystery, that somehow is relevant to real Democracy and the Democratic party.

The Cliff. The sun, the moon, the stars, what the fuck is this? The DC pros never say and of course offer no correlating data to this absurd snotty proclamation of media whore reality, no past election results, no demographic trends, no economic milestones, no credible academic research, no record of any public debates on the alleged phenomena, just this infuriating statement of a cliff, the final marker of an alleged free-fall of political oblivion.

It’s out there, somewhere, and for some reason Democrats better watch out. Since our snotty DC journalists have proven themselves totally incapable, again, of providing any kind of empirical data to back their absurd fantasies for future scenarios where they can once again screw liberals, well, I can do it, it’s easy. Ladies and gentlemen, I present The Cliff. The real one, the relevant one of George Bush and the Republican Party, who have in the last quarter sailed right off it into electoral disaster.

A great start would be 9/11 man’s approval rating: George Bush is tanked in the low 30’s with no end to the plummet in sight, precisely why Duncan Black shouts “wheeeeeeeee!” from his blog as Bush rushed towards his huge splat as the worst of all time. Bush is incredibly unpopular, but as usual these cows munch in along in their complacent fabrications, totally silent to pertinent truth in real time.

Keith Olbermann just got a great new contract with MSNBC, because he speaks the truth to power and identifies George Bush as the extremely dangerous subversive idiot he is. Fox News, Bill O’Reilly and Brit Hume continue to faintly shout as they swirl in the bowl, their rantings of rating-killing absurdity gurgling ever-downward in contemptible, barely heard irrelevance. Sweet jesus, when American television has pushed you over the edge it’s all over, free fall forever, hombre.

Print journalism, too, is doing its part, as the editor of USA Today reversed himself and now proclaims that Bush is indeed the worst war felon disaster president we’ve ever had. I though he’d beg for forgiveness on his knees by the end of it for being so obtuse about an obvious fact, but when USA Today runs from Bush like the avian flu then one knows the Republican brand is over the edge, screaming toward the abyss.

That last election, you know, where Bush, Cheney and the Republicans lost Congress? Cliffdom, empirical reality of total failure, but look out, Pelosi and the Democrats might go too far, even when they just won the leadership. Only in DC do winners have to watch out, jesus save us from these clucking propaganda twerps, they do know how to ruin a country.

Iraq is a maelstrom of horrifying failure and one can debate for weeks how much the Democrats should be doing to stop it, the reality is the Bush and Republicans irrevocably own this disaster, it’s theirs and they’re still lying about it. They’re seemingly oblivious as they smash down the precipice with it, but make no mistake, the greatest foreign policy disaster of all time by the worst of all time with has the Republicans sailing through space on the way down with amazing force. 2006 was just the very beginning for payback, too.

Extremists and bigots have captured leadership of the GOP, dooming them with the fastest-growing demographic, Hispanics. This incredibly stupid move launched this cliff into Thelma and Louise status, lord it’s still amazing to watch the GOP be so dumb.

This, gentle people, is a Cliff. A real one, the Republican disaster of George Bush hurling his party downward over the cliff on a meteor blaze to oblivion. DC media whores like Eilperin and Grunwald think they can slap this feces of feigned ignorance at their readers like Bush can screw the country, but blogs didn’t come into existence just because of a political vacuum, they came into being because of a journalistic one too, this utter crap of snotty DC elitism is simply no longer tolerated.

The Cliff, jesus save us. Hey Eilperin’n Grunwald, Bush and the Republicans aren’t the only ones whistling with ever-growing speed down the precipice, y’know. See this blog? There you go, whoosh!

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