Thursday :: Mar 1, 2007

Bring Home The Guard - Now

by Steve

In all the gyrations done by Democrats to come up with their “Iraq proposal of the week”, I still don’t understand why they haven’t seized on attacking Bush’s war through the damage he is doing to the National Guard.

Each governor, regardless of their party affiliation, wants their Guard units home and properly funded and equipped to handle missions and emergencies here. The Bush foreign policy since 2001 and the long deployments of each state’s Guard have ruined many units in many states. And still the Democrats can’t bring themselves to demand an immediate return of the Guard back home as the first step to whittling away at Bush’s Napoleonic army.

Such a move would play well in each state and in local communities, even in Red State America, who want to see their weekend warriors return home to their jobs and families rather than have their lives ruined and potentially ended by an illegal war that the GOP refuses to curtail. And any move by the Democrats to demand a return of the Guard will put vulnerable GOP incumbents next year in the bad position of defying the wishes of their local communities back home for the sake of propping up an unpopular president and his unpopular war.

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