Tuesday :: Mar 6, 2007

I Remember, United States Military

by paradox

Last evening very bad news broke out of Afghanistan from two instances: enemy fighters were seen entering a house Sunday, so it was blasted to oblivion with two 2,000 lb. bombs. Unfortunately a family was inside too, including a 6 month old baby. They’re all dead and the people of Afghanistan want some answers as to why their families are so expendable.

They’re also demanding with total fury answers and accountability for a terrible incident day before yesterday where a US force convoy was hit by a roadside bomb. It’s alleged that after the blast the US soldiers went berserk with rage and shot anything that moved: men, women, children, anything. It’s also alleged the soldiers confiscated cameras from the scene that had images of civilians shot to death.

The US military says it was a “complex ambush” and that the soldiers took small arms fire with the blast. Civilian wounds could have been from the bomb.

As a very concerned citizen I’m trying to figure out what happened and what the best course of action for me and my country to take, relative to my great worry for the men and women of the US armed forces serving in Afghanistan and my acute distress for the human beings living there. But I’ve got a little problem, US military. I remember.

I remember all the lies and fantasies spun about Jessica Lynch.

I remember the searing shame and dishonor brought upon every American by what the US Army did to the Tillman family when the Army lied for so long about how Pat Tillman was killed.

I remember Bob Schieffer of CBS berating the Army just about a month ago for lying about how five US soldiers had died. It wasn’t a fight at all, they were captured and their bodies randomly dumped around Baghdad.

So you see, US military, when I see statements issued yesterday about how and why so many innocent people of Afghanistan were killed by US armed forces I can’t believe a word of it. I’d certainly like to, but naturally I can’t, no one trusts the word of repeat liars.

The rest of the world doesn’t want to believe you and delightedly reminds everyone of all the US military lies whenever they can. How could have the Americans be trying to do the right thing yesterday? Liars can’t have good intentions, and of course the Americans are lying to cover up who they killed indiscriminately yesterday, it’s what liars do.

So many in the military, we hear, sneer at liberals and think they’re effeminate semi-traitors who don’t understand the violent threats of the world and would delight in cutting the annual defense budget in half. Pinko commies, those liberals are almost as much a threat as the terrorists!

Well, US military, take a good long look at yourselves, ‘cause it wasn’t the pinko commie liberals who brought total disgrace and dishonor upon you, it was your god damn selves, the US military itself is totally responsible for not being believed for what happened yesterday.

We’re supposed to be winning hearts and minds, and whatever happened yesterday was made infinitely worse by the fact the US military is believed by no one. How the hell the military ever thought lying served and protected it’s people and the country is beyond me—beyond the obvious ethics and morality lying gets a lot of our people killed, it’s that simple, what happened to the smarts and the honor of military? Really. I know it’s there and I’m genuinely baffled all this lying has been tolerated by the officer corps for so long.

Apparently the US military thinks having an enabling lying “journalism” corps that never reminds anyone about past lies simply means they’re forgotten, why, lying about Jessica Lynch never happened, gosh no. Well, US military, I’m here to tell you that isn’t remotely the case. I remember extremely well, the country and the rest of the world remembers, and the people of Afghanistan sure as hell remember all the lying. Citizens of Afghanistan are being killed, our own troops are dying and no one can believe what the military says is happening. I don’t think that fits the mission profile of Afghanistan, no.

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