Saturday :: Mar 10, 2007

Hey Obama, It’s the Policy

by soccerdad

Sen Barack Obama was in Iowa today spewing his nonsense about Iraq. Apparently he has adopted the centrist view that the problem is with the Iraqis.

-- Illinois Sen. Barack Obama on Saturday said the U.S. will have to abandon it's efforts in Iraq, regardless of the costs, if serious reforms are not made by its government.
"In the absence of those conditions we're just throwing money away," said Obama, who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination.
Later, he added: "We have to be honest that, in the absence of these changes, if these changes aren't made, there is not much we can do," to help the Iraqi people.

This comes after a very successful speech to AIPAC
Josh Block, Director of Media Relations at AIPAC, said that Obama's speech was "certainly well received."
"Senator Obama has a strong record on issues of importance to the pro-Israel community from his time in the Senate," Block added.
"Israel faces touch challenges in region," the source said, adding: "Obama refused to take all options off table when it comes to dealing with Iran. That's a smart thing to do, as it provides maximum leverage in the effort to persuade Iran to disarm."

Without a fundamental change in policy towards the Middle East there is no hope for this country. We will be subject to never ending war in the name of Israel and oil. There must be an explicit repudiation of the America’s hegemony towards the rest of the world. There must be a return to multilateral cooperation and the US must be an honest broker between Israel and their neighbors. The war mongers in the US and Israel who don’t want peace must be relegated to obscurity.
The Democratic leadership wants no change in policy and in fact are just as willing to back this mad extension of the Carter Doctrine for their corporate masters. When it comes to Mid East policy there is little difference in substance between the Repub and the Centerist Democrats. Without a change in policy and a more constructive approach to world relations our children’s children will be subject to this same war as well as terrorist attacks. That assumes of course that America’s escalation of its nuclear program doesn’t lead to the destruction of us all.

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