Wednesday :: Mar 14, 2007

At Least We Can Argue About The Pace Of Change

by Steve

Many of us get discouraged about some of the things we hear from Washington, even with Democrats in charge. It appears to many of us that things haven’t changed that much, that the Democrats are just a different version of the status quo. But we are not Republicans.

Unlike when the Republicans were in power, there will finally be a debate in the United States Senate today about Iraq. Yes, the GOP will obstruct this debate with phony claims about the dire consequences of Congress executing its constitutionally-guaranteed authority to affect foreign policy, but there will finally be a chance for Republicans to go on record in favor of the surge and against the wishes of at least 60% of the American public, and test their confidence that they can win this argument over the Democrats with the American people. And perhaps the Democrats can force the debate onto the failed current policies that do little if anything to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people.

Unlike when the Republicans were in power, Congress has finally taken action towards implementing the 9/11 Commission recommendations. Yes, Joe Lieberman still has the chance to stab unions in the back in the service of George W. Bush, but at least there will be a bill that goes to Bush forcing the GOP to match its rhetoric against its pathetic commitment to our national security.

Unlike when the Republicans were in power, Congress can finally debate why the Bush Administration is taking advantage of its post-9/11 powers not to secure the nation but rather to gain more political power. And Congress can demand to know why Carol Lam became a problem for the White House the more she looked into GOP corruption.

Unlike when the Republicans were in power, Congress will focus on a five-year spending plan that addresses unmet needs here at home, and that openly talks about funding these needs by eliminating corporate and individual tax scams and shelters, adequately collecting unpaid corporate taxes, and pursuing tax reform.

Unlike when the Republicans were in power, Congress can hold the executive branch accountable for the lies told under oath, and can set the record straight. And with constant oversight and pressure from Congress, eventually there will be schisms inside the White House and between the White House and Republicans on the Hill.

Unlike when the Republicans were in power, we can actually have a debate about stopping the White House from rewriting history and hiding documents from public view.

We may not be happy about the pace of change in Washington under the new Democratic leadership, but at least we can gripe about the pace of chance rather than the lack of any change at all.

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