Thursday :: Mar 15, 2007

Amidst Lies, Leahy Issues Subpoenas Today

by Steve


The Senate Judiciary Committee agreed to issue subpoenas this morning for senior Justice staffers and 6 of the 8 fired federal prosecutors, in an effort to nail down the factual record of what transpired in the sacking of these federal attorneys. In an effort to keep the pressure on the Justice Department and White House to live up to promises made about providing full information on the matter, Leahy did not move forward with issuing subpoenas against Karl Rove today. It remains to be seen if this was wise.

This comes after the Post makes the point that the administration has already lied to Congress on this matter. Leahy obviously wants to build this case slowly and give other GOP senators a chance to join John Sununu in calling for Gonzales' dismissal. But let's be honest here: Bush will never fire Gonzales, and this administration will make Leahy sue them to force Rove to testify.

Former federal prosecutor Mary Jo White, who was never a soft touch for Bill Clinton tells Newsweek that such firings in the middle of an administration are unprecedented, and that contact between individual prosecutors and members of Congress or the White House was inappropriate. She says in the nine years she served, such contacts never happened. Based on what she knows now, she thinks the firings should not have been done at all.

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