Thursday :: Mar 22, 2007

Senate Democrats Scared Of Their Shadows

by Steve

AP photo

As Arlen Specter, the man who allowed the White House to insert the provision into the Patriot Act that started this mess asked his colleagues not to push for a constitutional confrontation by issuing subpoenas, the Senate Judiciary Committee authorized those subpoenas, following the House’s lead from yesterday. Schumer was quick to point out that they have authorized the issuance of subpoenas for Rove and others, but haven’t actually issued them, in the faint and futile hope that the White House wants to negotiate this.

What’s to negotiate Chuck? Do you really thin Fred Fielding will be able to convince The Decider to back down and allow his aides to go on the record under oath, after Bush took his usual macho posture on this? Six years into this administration’s sorry record of arrogance and illegality, and the Democrats still think that allowing the White House a place to retreat will yield something positive. Gonzales comes out today and says he isn’t resigning and that no prosecutor was fired for improper reasons. That degree of denial and in-your-face righteousness should be the trigger for Democrats to stop offering the White House any more chances for reason. They’re not interested, guys; get over it and throw an elbow back at them for a change.

The Democrats act like they are still afraid of their own shadows. The White House wants a confrontation, and frankly Cheney has a reason here to set Rove up for a fall. Give them the rope to hang, and stop this pussyfooting around. Bush laid down a marker and so should you.

Make the GOP courts decide this issue once and for all, if they have the guts to validate an imperial presidency and a unitary executive. Make all those GOP enablers in Congress face the consequences of their own evisceration by this administration, and let's see how much they like being made irrelevant by their own president.

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