Thursday :: Mar 29, 2007

Bringing You Safe Neighborhoods

by Steve


I wonder if John McCain will be strapping on the Rockports for a walking tour of the Shaab neighborhood anytime soon?

A series of car bomb blasts at a Baghdad market and a Shiite town north of the capital killed at least 100 people Thursday, police and hospital sources said.
A bomb killed around 60 people in a market in the Shaab district of northern Baghdad, Iraqi police sources said, in what appeared to be the latest of a string of attacks on Shiite targets.
Two police sources put the death toll at 60, with dozens more wounded, and said the blast was caused by a suicide bomber wearing an explosive vest. One witness, however, said there were two blasts he thought were car bombs.

He can take Joe Lieberman with him, to observe how the "sectarian violence is down in Baghdad."

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