Saturday :: Mar 31, 2007

Waiting for Al

by paradox

I saw from Talking Points Memo last night that Howard Dean is doing extremely well as DNC Chair, bringing in the regrettably necessary big-money donors for the party. Howard, of course, was totally correct in his 50-state strategy and the literal payoff and prestige from the 2006 win has justly arrived.

It reminded me that Al Gore, also the victim of so much political propaganda scorn, had also moved on after elected office to public service of extreme success and prestige. No matter how many foul lies and fabrications get layered on our best leaders by a lying corporate media, who they truly are and what they accomplish can never be obscured or hidden for very long.

Howard Dean represents a very special time, a political era just being born through the screens I happily joined, a total Deaniac chatting with Joe Trippi in comment screens, writing for the Democratic Underground, publishing a service commitment to Media Whores Online, and of course frenetically hosing text in a lot of blogs, eventually pinch-hitting for this one. I’m still privileged to serve, of course, but it’s nice to pause, remember Howard and see how very far we’ve come in politics with the internet.

The past flickers eerily through to the present and, just like then, I’m waiting for Al. Waiting and hoping the guy I want to be president will actually do it, actually sit there smiling as Bush has to take the ceremonial pictures of handing the White House to him, humiliated, aged and beaten, retreating shamefully as the worst of all time to Texas. It’s the only fitting end for Election 2000, there might finally be a smidgen of poetic justice eight years later after that incredible debacle of theft that thrust Satan’s home boy on us, George Bush.

I’ve set myself up, of course. If Billmon were here he’d say look, earnest angry one, no matter how hard you try the internet and the blogs can’t and don’t set the media narrative in this country. It’s why Al didn’t run in 2004, after 2000 and the incredible smear propaganda job against him he knew it wouldn’t change. When Al Gore endorsed Howard Dean that’s when the real hurricane of abuse came in for Howard. Remember?

If Al Gore did run, how in fact would our media darlings behave? As moderately decent journalists, or the pack of baying lying hyenas who went after him in 2000? If it’s the latter, how much influence could blogs and internet publishing effect change on that?

It will be the latter if Al pulls the trigger, I’m afraid we all know that with total certainty after watching the hit job on Al’s Oscar win and that neurotically disquieting tirade Inhofe barfed on Gore testifying before Congress. For whatever reason the Republicans and the media have decided anything to do with Al Gore is automatic permission break all the rules in foul attacks of the worst degrading sort, nothing is out of bounds. I’ll die grateful to Boxer for beating up Inhofe for it, but it was still unsettling to see the national sickness of knifing Gore bleeding right there again.

If Al did pull the trigger, huh, one remembers what Howard Dean did with the internet and knows with total certainty one hasn’t seen fuckin’ nothin’ yet, not even. If I didn’t have marriage and fatherhood commitments and Al decided to run, man, I’d so shut down my life, put all my publishing gear in my truck and show up in Tennessee for 18 months for free service, whatever’s useful to whomever’s giving the orders, never a problem, 18 hours a day, every day. Since I can’t do that, of course, I will do what I can.

There are millions of Americans who feel precisely as I do about Al, never forget it, and if he does decide to run legions will in fact put everything on hold to physically show up for the campaign in Tennessee, creating a human talent blaze the world has never seen the likes of before, Jesus, Mary & Joseph™ what a sight it will be. A great many of our young people are very motivated about climate change, and for once the true potential of environmentalism can’t and wont’ be ignored as a force in an American election, there’s a lot of fission human energy potential there too.

Of course I always want that Gore campaign fight and think we can win it, but perhaps Al does not. Perhaps he doesn’t want to put himself and his family through all the filth again. Perhaps he doesn’t want to possibly lose and put souls like mine through another loss with him in this life. Who knows?

Of course we’ll all still be trying and getting better in the screens if Al doesn’t run, and if the dream came through life and earth wouldn’t be nirvana overnight, not hardly, there is such along way to go on so many fronts. One waits, hopes, and serves. It’s just the way it is, it’s the window of human development granted to us: wait, hope and serve.

Run, Al, run!

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