Sunday :: Apr 1, 2007

Bush Has Nothing

by paradox

If one wants to be wrong, as Duncan Black astutely noted, simply predict the future. George Bush seems determined in demonstrating Duncan right, for even though he’s going to get a war bill that grants him all the ungodly hundreds of billions he so badly wants for his insane lying war with no language to stop him, why, the little idiot is going to veto it, despite my total assurance the little felon was bluffing. It’s hard to see how even Bush could reverse himself after calling in the Congressional troops to the White House for a Republican powwow of pompous, childish defiance.

Bush is never going to get a war bill without termination language, Pelosi and Reid plain don’t have the ability to do it. If worst case actually plays out and Congress is simply unable to produce any war bill at all, who will the public blame for the debacle of unruly loss and confused retreat from tactical theatre? Congress or the lying moron who got us into this horrifying mess and who at one time had a bill to sign?

Reid and Pelosi will never take the risk of inaction anyway, they’ll just cough up another copy of the bill, probably with an extra knife twist or two, and make Bush and the Republicans humiliate themselves all over again into accepting reality: it’s over. Not this year, but very soon, somehow this utter nightmare in Iraq is terminated in the next 24 months. It should be stopped in the next 24 days, but the beginning of the end is finally here.

Bush has no choice bit to eventually the sign a bill with termination language, he has nothing. Hell, the little felon on the run has worse than nothing, he’s in the hole and going down.

Iraq daily surges forward in a mayhem of death and destruction. The Vice President and Attorney General are in total disgrace and would have resigned under any other President but Bush even a bigger felon than they, so there they still squat in malodorous obduracy. The treasury has been looted, we’re broke and borrowing like coke addicts. The world loathes us and wishes us the greatest of ill—funny how that has a way of happening when everyone wants it so badly.

There’s more. Congress has been lost to the opposition, that sickening anomaly of treason Joe Lieberman be damned. Bush’s approval rating still skids to all time lows, I’m in a Truman pool, hell yes. Former close associates turn on Bush publicly—we used to love him but yeah, for the sake of our reputations in history we do admit he’s the spawn of Satan. Sorry! The laughingly clownish GOP 2008 nomination pack is about to piss all over him unmercifully to attempt any lame sheen of moral legitimacy. Gas prices are painful, employment still is for the dogs and housing is imploding. New Orleans, incredibly, is still abused with neglect.

The list goes on. The only thing going for Bush is an enabling “journalism” corps, the kind of sniveling cretins who glibly pass along Bush’s rants of veto without ever mentioning the war is a vast illegal war crime of utter failure. Dana Milbank carries a propaganda bucket full of pork war bill spin. Employment, poverty, debt, New Orleans, war deaths and wounds in their true reality, anything negative to do with Bush and the Republicans is desperately ignored in a futile game of desperate legitimacy, look over there, Anna Nicole Smith!

An enabling “journalism” corps hasn’t saved Bush, of course not, all it can do is present the window of opportunity for power, it can’t empirically perform any task itself to positively help him. That nauseating cable news chatter of pious demands to pardon another felon, Scooter Libby, went absolutely nowhere, amd when the public was polled only the Cheney pod people at 18% clocked in at agreeing with a pardon. Citizens are simply tired of being lied to and don’t believe the spin anymore.

So if Bush really goes through with it and vetoes the current war bill, chuck a copy onto his desk four weeks later and make him do it again. If he dares. Bush can’t produce any other result out of Congress, he’s a total nothing blathering on and on about nothing and there’s only one thing to give our dear little Texas lying war felon in all his comically powerless threats to get what he wants for his disastrous, lying, criminal, horrifying war: nothing.

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