Sunday :: Apr 1, 2007

At What Cost

by Christina Hulbe

The second Working Group for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fourth Assessment is set to accept and approve its report, Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability, this week at a meeting in Belgium. News reports are already leaking out. Seems like a good opportunity to highlight some reading on adaptation and mitigation.

Some free content from the journal Nature on Climate Change and biodiversity published in 2004.

Confronting Climate Change: Avoiding the unimaginable and managing the unavoidable. A report (with summary) sponsored by the UN Foundation and Sigma Xi. The economic and social vulnerability maps in the extended report are well worth a look. Here's one example of the issues in question: Many developing-world economies rely on one or two crops for most of their GDP. In Uganda, that's coffee. This (bleak) map shows the effect of a 2 degrees Celsius warming on coffee viability in Uganda. The time to start thinking about what will replace the coffee crop is now.

The UK Tyndall Center for Climate Change Research recently convened a panel discussion on large-scale carbon mitigation. Podcasts, videos, and presentation slides from the event are available here.

And finally, the carbon stabilization wedge analysis at Princeton University's Environmental Institute.

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