Monday :: Apr 2, 2007

Why The Israelis Are Turning To The Democrats

by Steve

AP photo of Pelosi meeting today with the Siniora Lebanese government

How influentially bankrupt is the Bush foreign policy team when the Olmert government in Israel asks Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to carry a message to Syrian president Assad, instead of asking the White House to engage in its historic role of shuttle diplomacy? In fact, Olmert’s Kadima government sees a benefit in having the new Democratic Congress get directly involved in foreign policy, as evidenced by the comments from his officials, which sends a message back to Washington that our most important ally in the region wants more, bipartisan options for solving disputes than the rigid and discredited Bush Administration. Pelosi, for her part, is keeping a realistic but hopeful outlook on the trip.

And if the Israelis are OK with the Democrats directly engaging with other regimes in the region, then how can the neocons and War for Israel crowd condemn it, especially given the gross failure of Bush/Cheney’s efforts to battle terrorism while allowing Israel’s enemies to roam free all these years? By destabilizing Iraq and letting the Al Qaeda leadership live and set up shop in Pakistan, the Bush Administration has created new terrorist training grounds that have repopulated Al Qaeda with better-trained personnel. Instead of talking with Syria and Iran, two regimes who have an interest in shutting down Al Qaeda, the White House tries to isolate them and maintain an occupation in a country whose spiritual leaders now want us out and whose Cheney-picked lackeys undermine necessary reconciliation efforts.

Therefore, it isn’t surprising that the Olmert government is covering its bets with the Democrats by encouraging them to directly engage the players in the region. Even the Israelis know that the world has left the Bush Administration behind, as evidenced by the Saudis breaking away from Bush. The Israelis see that the surge is an oversold failure, and know that the Saudis are willing to bring other countries along into a new peace deal with Israel, but they also know that there needs to be a new, credible political leadership in the United States to see this through.

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