Wednesday :: Apr 4, 2007

Obama Raises $25 Million

by Steve


We can cease with any notion that Hillary's nomination is somehow inevitable. With the news this morning that Obama raised the same level of funding as she did, there no longer is any doubt that a significant part of the party wants someone other than her, and wants someone who is clean from the Beltway and the Iraq decision in 2002.

And it should be remembered that she needed Bill's help just to stay only a million ahead of Obama. Edwards and Richardson raised another $20 million between them with Edwards now doing well in New Hampshire and Iowa. It has to be disconcerting to Team Hillary that Obama claims a donor list of 100,000 already, and that he raised his money with a mix of large and small donors who can keep giving over the 'net. We have a race folks, and with Gore sitting out there with California in play for him, the media will run with this horse race narrative the rest of 2007.

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