Tuesday :: Apr 10, 2007

AttorneyGate - Shrillness by the MSM

by Mary

The MSM story about the fired US Attorneys was slow to start and you can still find stories about how there isn't much to the story because after all, the attorneys serve at Bush's pleasure and he can fire them whenever he sees fit.

Nothing to see, time to move on.

Except, now that Justice experts in the MSM are beginning to look into the DoJ that Ashcroft and Gonzales built, they are sounding remarkably shrill.

The White House and Justice Department, under the reign of attorneys general Ashcroft and Gonzales, have encouraged over the past half decade an atmosphere that sullies the coin of the realm under our rule of law — the perceived legitimacy and authority and objectivity and neutrality and professional competence of the men and women who are tasked with enforcing our laws uniformly, fairly and without fear or favor. Without that legitimacy, the legal system devolves down into Third World status, perceived by those within and without it as subject to manipulation for political purposes.

When you populate an office with ideologues and partisans and underachieving talent, you get an ideological and partisan office with underachieving results. And if there is any department in our federal system that can least afford to be ideological and partisan and underachieving, it is the Justice Department. This sorry state is true today, regardless of how and when the scandal over the firing of eight U.S. Attorneys is resolved. Of all the dismaying legal legacies left by this administration, this one surely ranks near the top.

(h/t Laura Rozen)

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