Wednesday :: Apr 11, 2007

Richardson Would Exit Iraq By 2008

by Steve

Chris Bowers at MyDD and Kos have noticed a game-changer amongst the Democratic candidates on Iraq. hosted a candidate forum and in response to their questions on Iraq, most of the candidates gave expected answers. That is, until Bill Richardson gave his answer about what he would do:

(I)f I were President today, I would withdraw American troops by the end of this calendar year. I would have no residual force whatsoever.

Game, set, match.

No trainers, no permanent bases, nada. And among all the presidential candidates on both sides, he is unquestionably the most seasoned when it comes to foreign policy.

You can watch the video of all the candidates here.

Update: Having put forward a positive on Richardson, I don't like this story, and I assume we'll see a similar story from the AP on Mitt Romney's campaign contributors while he was in the statehouse (snark).

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