Thursday :: Apr 12, 2007

The Election That Liberals Refuse to Discuss

by paradox

Having written agreement with Somerby that liberals never discuss election 2000, Anonymous Liberal proved us both wrong Monday when examining an absurd RNC hit job on Obama.

“The press corps' coverage of Gore during campaign 2000 was a low point in modern journalistic history rivaled only by the coverage surrounding the lead up to the Iraq invasion…”

Since Al gives the theft of our country mention I too will chime in, thank you very much, it’s always amazed me how liberals and Democrats walk this earth in right now real time bona fide total denial about Florida 2000, after Al Gore won the state and the country more than Kennedy did they’ll still tell you how the winner was and is a boring loser. Anything ever attempted at reason for election 2000 is instantly marginalized as partisan ranting, if not sour grapes.

Putrid American “journalism” behavior and liberal denial about what happened in Florida and our country are worthy topics to Election 2000, but I’m going to yet again make clear something I have said right from the second the Supreme Court stole Election 2000, I don’t give a shit how instantly marginalized I am, I don’t care that nobody will leave comments and that most who think of reading this will say the guy just can’t over it. I haven’t internalized Republican talking points to the theft of our country, I don’t live in denial and I don’t ever want to live through this horrifying experience again, so discussed it will be. I liked the country we used to have very much, you know?

It’s no accident at all that George Bush, easily recognized as the worst of all Presidents ever, is the product of a stolen election. When the Supreme Court barfed that contradictory, laughably incoherent, amazingly hypocritical theft in the middle of the night on the courthouse steps named Bush vs. Gore they smashed the rule of law, state’s rights, voting rights, justice, truth, democracy, Jesus how isn’t obvious they smashed the country!

They did all that just for George, just for his special Texas self. The Supreme Court empirically showed George Bush the principles, laws and ethics we hold so dear as Americans mean nothing for him, don’t worry about any of it.

Since he was so blatantly given permission to do anything he likes of course he breaks the law everywhere, for Bush there is no rule of law, remember? Naturally the NSA and the FBI are KGB wannabe lying spies on innocent citizens, Guantanamo Bay is an international torture hub, Bush lies when his lips move, we’re in a horrifying war that’s supposed to go on forever, Iran is supposed to be attacked next as New Orleans is cruelly abused.

I told anyone who would listen and I’m creased with scars left over something so obviously dangerous wasn’t instantly comprehended: the lawlessness of Bush vs. Gore would have to create a President for whom the law meant nothing. That’s why there’s a scandal a week with these felons, they truly know the law means nothing ‘cause the Supreme Court showed them so.

The unknowably vast travesty of Election 2000 has motivated me for life, I will spend the rest of my days very actively setting aside time to work against the vultures who stole our country and inflicted so much harm on us with this sham presidency. I’m never going to forget the basely unsettled feeling of living in a country living a lie, every day George Bush is president, and I’m never letting anyone forget what happens to a country when it’s smashed. Take a look around, gaze upon New Orleans and Iraq.

Six very long years later after our country was stolen I know it’s not about George Bush at all, it’s about something extremely dangerous and frightening in the American psyche utterly at odds with everything I believe in and stand for as a good American human. That’s why I’m here, it’s why I will always serve Democrats, it’s the sole blazing kernel of motivation for everything I’ve done in politics as an adult: Bush vs. Gore.

It’s never been discussed much in all those six years either, didn’t have to be, really. I don’t care what other citizens think about it, I know we lost out country with that stolen election and I’m spending the rest of my life trying to get it back.

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