Thursday :: Apr 12, 2007

Take A Walk In The Green Zone John

by Steve


Maybe John McCain can take his security detail and stroll through the Green Zone and the Iraqi Parliament building. It looks like they could use the security.

A bomb exploded in the Iraqi parliament’s cafeteria in a stunning assault in the heart of the heavily fortified, U.S.-protected Green Zone on Thursday, killing at least two lawmakers and wounding 10 other people.
Thursday's attack came hours after a suicide truck bomb exploded on a major bridge in Baghdad, collapsing the steel structure and sending cars tumbling into the Tigris River below, police and witnesses said. At least 10 people were killed.
Keep in mind that they can’t even get the Parliament to come back to Baghdad regularly for business because the legislators feel unsafe.

Khalaf al-Ilyan, one of the three leaders of the Iraqi Accordance Front, which holds 44 seats, said the attack was “aimed at everyone — all parties — our parliament in general being a symbol and a representative of all segments of Iraqi society.”

Al-Ilyan, who is in Jordan recovering from knee surgery, said the blast also “underlines the failure of the government’s security plan.”
“The plan is 100 percent a failure. It’s a complete flop. The explosion means that instability and lack of security has reached the Green Zone, which the government boasts is heavily fortified,” he said.

Four years into this "liberation", with more troops than ever before in Baghdad, and yet bridges and the Green Zone are being attacked. So, the surge is working?

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