Saturday :: Apr 14, 2007

Saturday Night World View

by Steve

I was pleasantly surprised at most of the responses to my post earlier Saturday about the Bush Administration's lack of attention to Al Qaeda in Iraq, because there was a lot of thought in them from most of you. I take it for granted that most folks who read center-left blogs are well-read and better informed than 90% of the population, and I don't mean they are conspiracy hounds.

What I wanted to do with this post is give those of you who are interested a chance to put forward your best analysis of the "grand plan", how we got here, and where we're likely to go during the remainder of the Bush Administration when it comes to the Middle East. Please try and keep your thoughts on each item below to a paragraph each, and let's see what everyone thinks.

To try and focus the discussion, please focus your comments around the following areas:

9/11: Do you believe the official story and if not, which part do you not believe? Specifically, how involved do you feel others than Al Qaeda were involved in pulling it off and why?

Iraq: Do you feel that this administration was this inept and clueless as to what the aftermath of Saddam's toppling would be, or do you feel that creating chaos to establish a military presence over the oil was what this really was all about, all while creating profit opportunities for the GOP's checkwriters?

Iran: Do you feel that Bush will attack Iran before the end of 2007? Before the end of his term? Do you think it was in the plans all along? Do you think anything short of impeachment can stop him? And lastly, what do you think the impact of a strike against Iran will be?

OK Kids, let's hear your world view on this.

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