Thursday :: Apr 19, 2007

Bush's Consigliere

by Steve

Alberto’s hearing is going on at this time. Arlen Specter has already said that Gonzales’ written testimony was “pabulum” and attacked him for his lack of attention to detail and preparation. Alberto’s basic defense is that he played only a small role and didn’t know many of the details behind the sacking of his own federal prosecutors, but that it wasn’t for performance reasons. If you were minimally involved in what was happening to your senior regional staff, but now admit they were canned for purely political reasons, then: 1) why do you still have your job; and 2) if you aren’t involved in the running of your own department, then why are inexperienced, unqualified ideological warriors and the White House running your department?

Democrats need to frame this issue clearly. If the party line from this administration and Alberto today is that he was minimally involved in high level personnel issues and pleads ignorance about them, then Democrats need to make it clear that the religious right and Karl Rove are running the top law enforcement agency in the land. Let the public get its arms around that for a few days.

It wasn't too long ago that folks like Orrin Hatch and Trent Lott attacked Janet Reno for allegedly acting as an extension of the White House and not acting as the people's attorney.

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