Friday :: Apr 20, 2007

Long Week

by paradox

There have been many, many trying times during the Bush presidency, but this last week was particularly bad: Baghdad erupted into utter mayhem with at least 200 killed in car bombings alone, President Bush saying nothing in his expectation of Iraqi gratitude, while 32 horribly killed students and faculty in America deserve all his “compassion.” The Attorney General made a total disgrace of himself and the Republic, lying with such clumsy buffoonery one wondered how lower the country can go, while the mainstream media, after an incredible week of slandering Nancy Pelosi, happily decided it was time to knife John Edwards, the pretty boy slashing in full pathetic frenzy.

Theft of election 2000 delivered big time for the lying authoritarians when the Supreme Court endorsed a terrible law on partial birth procedures that every other court rejected.

To cap it all off, the heinous, lying killing mug of Paul Wolfowitz, architect of so much disgrace and pain, was splashed everywhere, the reeking felon yet again embroiled in some ugly behavior.

I suppose it’s too much to ask of our pathetic political journalists to take a long, long look at what the country went through last week and see what all the screaming about “the culture of life” has actually delivered to us: more horrible death than citizens ever could have imagined. That when the United States savagely kills others for what their leaders might do that it’s no surprise horrible violence is chosen by citizens here?

No, our media will focus endlessly on Virginia Tech, and although it seems well-meaning and appropriate it’s well-known all the attention is part of their distraction game, there will be no stories of Iraqi funerals, nothing about worker and family abuse with both parents working 50 hour weeks, no stories about New Orleans, just another vapid orgy of endless coverage that sends a message, if it all, that only Americans are worth caring about in this world.

The rest of the country long ago perceived that something has gone very, very wrong and stopped listening to all the corporate media spin—a glimmer of good news was that the Nancy Pelosi knifing had no effect at all, it was simply obvious bullshit. There comes a point, even in this intellectually lazy country, when all the frantic lying and obfuscation stops working.

At the very most in 19 months the worst President the United States and the world has ever had to endure will finally be gone. It’s extremely likely the act of political suicide the Republicans insist on going through by slavishly sticking to the worst President of all time will ensure full Democratic control of Congress and the Presidency after the 2008 elections.

19 more months of this lying hell of Bush, his enabling corporate media and the inevitable horrifying death and abuse, 19 more months to go and then at last this country can get on with the job of being itself again. We actually are going to lose and leave Iraq, because there is nothing else left to do there. We’ll stop lying about why it’s necessary to kill people and actually starting caring for them here. We’ll show people that government often works extremely well and bring back New Orleans and the gulf coast as much as we can.

We will continue to make our voices heard, never let anyone forget what happens when Republicans are put in charge, and grimly watch the corporate journalism corps slide further into oblivion, the infuriating endless stories about hair finally disgusting every American who’s exposed to this filth.

I don’t believe it, I know it. We are so much better than this, we will be, and the glorious day when the worst President of all time finally stops abusing the country ticks ever closer with each passing day. 19 more months.

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