Thursday :: Apr 26, 2007

Suppressing The Truth Until Now

by Steve

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I had planned to write a post yesterday on the revelations from the Jessica Lynch/Kevin Tillman appearance on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, and thankfully I did not and can steer you to Glenn Greenwald’s great piece in Salon on what this all means:

This is the sad and wretched process which has propelled our political system during the entire Bush presidency. The Bush administration creates falsehoods to manipulate public opinion and then feeds them to influential and prestigious media outlets.
Eager to be used, our most prominent journalists then repeat those falsehoods mindlessly and uncritically. Worse, when it is revealed that what they were fed was false, they say nothing and continue to protect the identity of those responsible, in the hope that their "sources" will continue to use them.
Meanwhile, Congressional Republicans blocked any efforts to investigate any of these matters, while right-wing uber-patriot cowards and smear artists discredited those who sought to disrupt or expose any of this. Most significant political events in our country over the last six years have been the by-product of this rancid machine. The Tillman and Lynch cases are merely vivid illustrations of how that process has worked.

And the Bill Moyers report last night on PBS only reinforces what many of us in the center-left blogosphere have known since 2001: large parts of the news media are a willing propagandist for this administration, and deflect criticism of their behavior by blaming the Democrats for not being an opposition party. Yet the same media apologists willingly disregard that the GOP shut down avenues Democrats had to vocalize that opposition.

As Glenn noted in his piece, and we first noticed back when the spin surfaced, it was the foreign press and not our Beltway enablers that saw through the disinformation campaign. We’re at a point in this country where we can no longer rely on most of the major media in this country to accurately report facts, and must ignore reporters like those at the Post and NYT who have demonstrated themselves to be propagandists time and time again.

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