Wednesday :: May 2, 2007

Jonathan, Jonathan

by paradox

Yet again another “mainstream” journalist has made the extremely foolish decision to analyze blogging, reach ridiculous embarrassing generalizations and then actually have the stupidity and arrogance to publish it so everyone can see their brains-as-bowel-movement thinking. No one truly understands what’s going on in the blogging phenomenon, but one factor known for absolute certainty is that good American writers and thinkers are tired of the bullshit so typical of what Jonathan Chait just deposited into some publication and know they can do better, which is yet again going to happen right here.

In this precise case of blogging (“blogging” can be defined as the kaleidoscope of human behavior that produces it, why anyone is foolish enough to attempt defining it is beyond me) it’s also way ahead of the story, and only the last element clicked into place which produces this ethereal text that so knots the weenies of “professional” journalists like Mr. Jonathan Chait, Esquire.

Government works. It is by far the best way for humans to live together under a set of rules so we don’t end killing each other, and is absolutely necessary to solve urgent common problems, like where to put all of our sewage every morning. For most of my adult life I’ve chafed under utter charlatans who incredibly said government was the problem, even as they legitimized it by running it (in their sick way). One of the reasons I blog is to be an advocate for a way of human life that has demonstrably worked extremely well, and it’s totally unacceptable to have it abandoned in my lifetime.

Just recently the charlatans, the “conservatives,” decided total authoritarianism in a softly slick American fascist sheen was the way to we should live, and that no longer made them infuriating, it made them extremely dangerous and deadly—take a look around at all the bodies they’ve staked up in the continents since they took over.

The corporate press abandoned its traditional adversarial role to keep these Wehrmacht wannabees in check, so their appalling abuses run rampant with spying, war for lies, war crimes, treason, gross indebtedness.

The “opposition” party so charitably labeled as Democrats totally failed in their duty to stop the smashing of our government and society. They didn’t win Election 2006 solely on their own merits, a great deal of it was a default choice for stopping the New American Century Killers.

So American government has gone to hell, the opposition party folded, the American press giggles about it as they write about hair, and then a “journalist” comes along and publishes sentences like this:

“The prevailing sentiment here, however, is not a distrust of pointy heads. Rather, it's a belief that political discourse ought to be judged solely by its real-world effects. The netroots consider the notion of pursuing truth for its own sake nonsensical. Their interest in ideas, and facts, is purely instrumental.”

Another totally proven successful way for humans to live is adherence to Truth and ethics, they’re superb mechanisms for survival. When humans abandon them like George Bush and the Republicans, surprise surprise, towering stacks of corpses, representative of so much pain and suffering, immediately appear everywhere.

It’s been said many times and I’ve lived it to tell y’all, the truth shall set you free. It’s completely irrational for me to be blogging right now, but I hold my ideals of truth, justice and equality extremely dear and worth defending. I can also do a much better job of it than Jonathan Chait does, so I just did, and there were no “instrumental” motives in its creation. It’s simply who I am and my total knowledge that adherence to the best principles we possess, no matter the situation, always produces the best results for all the humans involved.

One should note this author’s definition of blogging is, obviously, to be a writer. That in fact is not at all how other bloggers approach and engage with the medium, although text is the main form most of them use (for now). How all of us engage the blogosphere is a vast organic mix of human energy, just because the humans know they can perform in life better than the fools they have to live under, and aren’t afraid to say so.

It may work out, it may not. It’s worth attempting, God is it ever, so humans blog. Now if you’ll excuse me I have ten hours of labor to get to, it’s 7:25 and I’m behind in the day already.

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