Thursday :: May 10, 2007

Bush Will Now Accept Iraqi Benchmarks

by Steve

On the day that a majority of the Iraqi parliament has now signed onto a bill demanding a withdrawal timeline for American forces, Bush today signaled that he would accept Iraqi benchmarks in the next supplemental funding bill, but rejected the 60-day approach just passed late today by the House.

The Iraqi parliament seems poised to pass legislation requiring a commitment and schedule from the United States for the training and equipping of Iraqi security forces, tied to timeline for the departure of foreign occupying powers from the country.

As for the benchmarks that Bush would support, they include the one most important to Bush and Cheney:

Bush said, "These benchmarks include adoption of a national oil law and preparations for provincial elections and progress on a new de-Baathification policy and a review of the Iraqi constitution."

Is anyone surprised that the Oil Law was the first thing mentioned ahead of true political reconciliation items like constitutional changes and de-Baathification?

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