Saturday :: May 19, 2007

Reining in the Lawbreakers

by Mary

This week the ruthlessness of the administration was exposed for all to see when Comey testified:

  1. FBI Director Mueller ordered the FBI agents in the hospital room to prevent anyone from physically trying to remove James Comey from the Ashcroft's hospital room while Card and Gonzales were present.
  2. Comey also testified that he did would not attend a meeting with Mr. Card without a witness.

What we know now is that when the putsch didn't work and they didn't get the AG's signoff on their illegal program, George W Bush decided to continue it anyway. In fact, the only thing that created enough pressure to have even the slightest changes to the program was the threat of all the top DoJ officials to resign publicly.

This begs some questions. What opinions of legality are being written today by Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) after the departure of Jack Goldstein and James Comey? Who is left in the DoJ who puts their highest allegiance to their oath to protect and defend the Constitution above the interests of the Party? Now that we know that the OLC and the DoJ were so corrupted even before the 2004 election, what have they been doing since then besides attempting to steal elections? (And did you know that the person the WH wanted to have replace Jack Goldstein as head of the OLC was our old friend, John Yoo? No, really!)

We know that they have succeeded in purging the "traitors" who didn't put Bush above the Constitution, and we only found out about their illegal actions because some of the people in the government believe in the Rule of Law. Now that they are gone, what other crimes are happening under the cloak of secrecy?

The next important question is, what can be done to rein these bastards in? Kargo X has been writing about the next problem for awhile. This administration is ruthless and blatant in their quest for power. So although the Congress has the authority to conduct investigations, when they issue subpoenas, if the WH decides to not comply, who is going to make them comply? The Justice Department? The courts?

One obvious answer is impeachment, but with a large segment of the Republican party buying into the authoritarian dream of a one-party-state where they can do whatever they want, it looks like this approach could be a long slog.

Joining Kargo X, John Dean writes about the other mechanism built into the Constitution to deal with the scofflaws like Gonzales. He notes that instead of holding a "no confidence" vote on Gonzales, they could decide to hold him in contempt. And Dean believes that Gonzales has made enough enemies on the Republican side that this vote would pass. Once that vote passes, then Capital Hill police officers could arrest and detain Gonzales until the WH complies or until the end of the Bush administration. Once they have Gonzales, perhaps they can go after Rove and then Addington, and mop up the rest of the underlings that enable the dirty work of the Cheney administration. As an added benefit the steady drumbeat of scandal and illegality can help make the case for impeachment and we might just get rid of these criminals sooner than the next election.

After the fall of the Cheney regime, we can start talking formal trials. How's that sound?

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