Saturday :: May 19, 2007

Remember the Strawberries

by Steve

Having survived two long drives in the space of 48 hours, but lucky enough to be blessed with a happy and laughing daughter who is home again for the summer makes one take stock of their surroundings.

Despite the many frustrations that come with a blog and spending too much time on politics, I want to take advantage of the Chardonnay and Steely Dan/Donald Fagen in the background tonight to thank you for being a great blog community here at TLC, one that has tolerated my ramblings for over four years now. Paradox's great post about strawberries has reminded me that despite our political differences, politics and politicians are not worth our energy. There are simple pleasures in life that are far more important than the latest outrage from Alberto Gonzales or stupid comment from John McCain.

Let's spend more time celebrating those simple pleasures, families, and friends, and spend less time getting worked up by people inside the Beltway who are far inferior to us, the people they supposedly represent.

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