Thursday :: May 24, 2007

How Will Clinton And Obama Vote?

by Steve

Keith said it well last night: if you want a good guidepost on whom to support for the 2008 Democratic nomination, you can focus your attention today and tomorrow on how Clinton, Obama, and the rest vote on the funding resolution.

Chris Dodd has already come out and said he will oppose the funding resolution for all the right reasons. Biden has already come out and said he will support it because he doesn’t want to deny funding for the troops, even though the Democrats have already sent a funding bill to Bush and he was the one who vetoed it. Hillary and Obama have yet to commit on how they will vote. Nancy Pelosi will be doing the right thing and voting against the resolution, while Rahm Emanuel and Steny Hoyer will be supporting it. The Times reports this morning that House and Senate Democrats were more worried about getting blasted by Bush over the Memorial Day holiday for allegedly not funding the troops than they were about getting blasted by their constituents for funding the war without strings. As Matt Stoller noted this morning, the notion that caving to Bush now was a good move was fed to them by their Beltway political consultants, which is all you need to know about the political priorities of our House and Senate leadership, who seemingly are incapable of fighting on the merits and making their case that they have already funded the troops only to see the president veto that funding. Carl Levin regrettably will be supporting the war funding resolution, because he sees it as their only option.

Bush will hold a press conference at 11 AM Eastern time to make the case for war funding on his terms and congressional support for his immigration reform proposal. I will be curious to see what tone he sets before the vote this morning.

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