Friday :: May 25, 2007

Notes On The Day After

by Steve

Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter writes a good piece today reminding Democrats like me that thrashing Democratic leaders for their failed tactics in dealing with Bush and the GOP on war funding is legitimate, but calling for scalps because Democrats didn’t stop the war is illogical given the lack of numbers in Congress to force a change in course. I agree with Alter, but that doesn’t mean all those Democrats yesterday had to vote “yes”.

Muqtada al-Sadr, whom the Pentagon mocked weeks ago for hiding in Iran, has returned to Iraq to call on supporters to oppose the Americans and to gain political support in advance of upcoming elections.

Any Democrat who is waiting for General Petraeus to issue an objective assessment in September on how the surge is progressing is deluded, given Petraeus’ past partisan and subjective work for the White House.

If John McCain and the rest of the GOP feel Democrats are waiving the white flag of surrender to Al Qaeda, then why are the Republicans and this White House wasting our troops in policing a sectarian civil war instead of focusing 90,000 combat troops to snuff out Al Qaeda? If Bush has suddenly rediscovered Al Qaeda, then why isn’t he fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq?

If you want to see how a real Democrat can effectively knee-cap John McCain, read the response from Obama’s camp today to McCain’s smear that Obama and Hillary were waiving the white flag of surrender for voting with 60% of the country against a no-strings funding bill.

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