Monday :: May 28, 2007

Republicans Decry Waxman's Investigations

by Mary

Republicans are complaining about Rep. Henry Waxman. They think he's being too aggressive in his investigations. They worry that he's setting up the administration for impeachment.

"The administration, for a variety of reasons, is wounded, and Chairman Waxman is going in for the kill," David Marin, Republican staff director for the Oversight Committee, wrote in an e-mail to The Chronicle.

Aw. That's really too bad. When Waxman's subpoenas number the same quantity (1,052) as Dan Burton issued during his tenure, we'll start worrying that he might be going overboard. So far Waxman's issued a total of three subpoenas, so he's got a ways to go.

And as in many things, the Republicans brought this on themselves in two ways, 1) Burton reformed the committee to give the chairman much greater flexibility in issuing unilateral subpoenas and 2) the Bush administration has done an incredible job of providing actions needing oversight. In fact, one of the biggest problems for Waxman and the Committee is in simply picking the right areas to shine a little light.

Go get 'em, Henry!

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