Tuesday :: Jun 5, 2007

Of Course Their Poll Numbers Are Tanking

by Steve

In a Page One in today’s Post, the paper emphasized the drop in Democratic support for Congress reflected in its latest ABC News/Washington Post poll. The poll was taken after the war funding votes, in which over 80 House Democrats and committee chairs and over 25 Senate Democrats and committee chairs voted to give Bush funding without strings. So it is understandable that the poll found a drop-off in support for Congress amongst likely the anti-war base of the Democratic Party and independents as well.

According to the poll, job approval of Democrats in Congress among liberal Democrats has fallen from 85% in April down to 67% now; amongst independents the falloff is down 12 points from 49% to 37%. Amongst all respondents it is down 10 points from 54% to 44%. As I have said before, this was inevitable when Pelosi and Reid got sucked into spending too much time away from the domestic agenda to fight a futile battle on funding when they never had the votes to force a change.

The party’s anti-war base and independents are just now coming to grips with the reality that Democrats don’t yet have the means to change the direction of this war. Their disappointment is now showing up in the polls, and rightly so. If the Democrats want to stop this slide in the polls, I suggest they stop voting the way Bush wants them to.

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