Tuesday :: Jun 12, 2007

We've Been Here Before

by Steve

Since it worked once before with Iraq, Cheney knows that the media will let it happen again now with Iran. The Bush Administration now insists without any proof offered that Iran is giving weapons to the Taliban. Unfortunately, Condi has now allowed her senior staffer to spread the claims without any proof, thereby eliminating any chance that the Iranians will do any serious bargaining with us anytime soon.

What is known is that the Taliban are getting large-scale weapon supplies from Pakistan, for which Cheney looks the other way. The Taliban have oodles of cash to buy weapons from Iranian and other regional black marketers thanks to our abandonment of the drug war in Afghanistan. The Taliban now control the border with Iran, making such transaction easy.

Moreover, the Iranians have been bitter enemies of the Taliban, and yet none of these facts have stopped Cheney and now the State Department from not only asserting that the Iranians are selling weapons to the Taliban, but to now also claim without proof that the Iranians, presumably the Iranian government, are “transferring” weapons to the Taliban. And yet not one reporter so far has demanded that Nick Burns prove it.

Funny how Burns came out with this a day after the media reported that we are arming the Sunnis in Iraq.

I eagerly await the Bush Administration’s presentation at the UN to make their case. Maybe Joe Biden will get off his ass and demand the proof as well.

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